Brain Fitness

Many people will spend hours at a gym, lifting weights, doing cardio exercises and taking aerobic classes to keep their bodies physically fit. But what do people do to keep their brains in shape? Usually when people are done at the gym they crash in front of a TV and put their brain into a passive mode where all the skills the mind has, including memory, thinking and logic stagnate. Your brain is the most important part of your body and to not exercise it is to invite laziness and lethargy into your life. Brain fitness is an approach to training the brain to perform at optimum levels and be sharp and strong even as old age acts to deteriorate your memory.

If you treat your brain like you do other parts of your body you'll see that training and exercise can make a huge difference in how well your memory works, how fast you can think and use logic to find solutions to a variety of problems. Having a structured training fitness program for your brain will keep your mind fresh, active and capable of operating at an optimum level.

A major part of brain fitness involves playing a variety of brain games to train different areas of the brain. Even simple games such as puzzles, riddles, crossword games and even memory match card games can help stimulate parts of the brain that involve cognitive ability, logical problem solving, memory retention and other brain skills.

As with any exercise program it's a good idea to have a well-rounded regimen so you hit all areas of brain training. The same way you shouldn't just focus on your chest when you go to the gym you will also want to mix up your brain game challenges so you stimulate more than one area of your brain.

Brain fitness involves many types of brain training including reflection tests, memory tests, IQ tests, spatial intelligence, reflex actions and brain stretching and creativity. Combining these games into a planned workout schedule will stimulate all the major areas of your brain and keep your skills sharpened. And like physical exercise, the more you neglect a certain area the more it will show.

Brain fitness is recommended for everyone since no one has a built-in defense to aging and typical memory loss. As we grow older and more information is accumulated and stored on our brains we need to train our minds to retain information so we can retrieve it when we need it. Brain fitness training will keep your mind fresh and allow you to function at a high level.

Instructions for the reflex test

To begin the reflex test you have to wait for a message to ask you if you're ready, or just click on start, once you click ok then the game will start. You have to start clicking on the green buttons as fast as possible, if you take too long or miss the place then the color will change to red. Keep clicking until the 60 seconds are over, if you get a score of 58,then you're super fast and you don't need any more training. Good luck!