Chess Knight

This is an other brain game that you might enjoy, in the chess board below you will find the knight, you can move it as if you're playing a regular game of chess, but you need to cover the whole board with the least possible moves, a good score would be 65 moves or less. This is a very good training for strategy games Considered one of the chess pieces, the knight or horse represents a knight or armored cavalry and often depicted as a horse's head. For those who are not familiar with chess, the knight move is unusual among chess pieces. It plays and captures alternately on white and black squares; each move may be described as stepping one square horizontally or vertically and then two squares perpendicular to the previous part of the move (in other words, an L-shape in any direction). The move is one of the longest surviving moves in chess, having remained unchanged since before the seventh century AD. Because of this it also occurs in most chess-related national games.

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