Color Game

This is a great game to keep your mind sharp and slow down the effect of Alzheimer's disease. This is a brain test that uses colors and mind tricks to force you to concentrate and give the correct answer within four seconds. It is a great test. Keep trying until you get 100%. If you like this game, pass it on to your friends. The game is much harder than it seems, in fact, it takes the average person 5 times until they score 100%, so keep trying. This is a true game to wake up your brain for the day. Focus as this will be tricky.

The instructions of the game are as follows: You need to select the color of the word, not the text of the word itself. You have only 2.8 seconds to decide the right answer for each screen. There are 8 tests, so the game only takes less than 24 seconds. The last screen will show your score.

Here is an example of how the color test works:

color game example image

After you finish playing, try changing the music and the color theme with the options at the bottom! You can also change the difficulty in Settings for a longer, more challenging version of the game.

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