Concentration Game

Concentration is very critical to the brain, because you can't expect that much from a distracted mind.

This concentration test is a little bit hard, but can be a good workout and help your brain gain the ability to concentrate and deal with problems solving more efficiently. The complexity of the game depends on the level you choose, you can start with the lowest level and as you learn the rules of the game you can go up to the next level in this exercise. Check the instructions all the way at the bottom to learn how to play this brain concentration game.

How to play

Click on one of the buttons in the playing field to subtract 1 from that button's value, as well as from the values of the 4 surrounding ones. By clicking on the button, it changes the numbers in all four directions (top, bottom, left and right). If the number in one of these directions, is already 0, then it goes back to 3, so you don't want to click on a number if one of those numbers to the left, right, top or bottom is already zero.

Objective:To get all buttons to show '0'.
Example (a click on the "2" in the middle):
Concentration Game Example

Things you should know

As soon as you click on "New", a new game starts.
The score starts counting down from 1000.
The quicker you finish, the higher your score will be.
Undo and Hint as well as using more Clicks than the current difficulty setting requires,will all make you lose a couple points.
If you are having difficulty following these instructions, start on "huh what" level and it will become clearer on what you need to do.