Free Chess Game

This is a very good chess game that can play the role of an IQ booster, it is a good workout for the brain. Chess can help you gain the ability of good thinking and make creative strategies, if you don't know how to play chess, then either check for the rules online before playing, or just jump to the next game. Chess is really a good way to help you better manage your life, because it teaches you how to think of the best strategies in the game, increase your spatial intelligence, enables your brain to think far, and ultimately boost your IQ. As Intelligence is considered one of the most important factors to success, it's extremely important to try games which can put it into the test, such as chess. And since many people associate intelligence with a high I.Q level then it's worth it to give it a try.

Playing Chess Instructions

To start playing this IQ booster – chess choose the color of the CPU (your computer), if you choose “CPU White” that would mean that your pieces would be black, and vice versa. Then you can start moving your first piece in the chess board by clicking on the piece first, then clicking on the place where you want to move it. Go ahead and boost your IQ!

Spatial intelligence especially the ability to perceive possibilities for movement is clearly crucial to chess thinking, as is the capacity to build up a system of knowledge and experience. This system must be stored (memory) and well managed (rules), analogies and operating principles must be constantly abstracted, adapted and improved perhaps not always on a conscious level. Chess thinking often involves a complex, hierarchical structure of problems and sub-problems, and the capacity for retaining such complex structures of data not getting confused, and for keeping objectives clear and well organised, all correlate with having a high IQ.

IQ Range:

The following is how the world ranks as a whole on IQ tests:
140 or higher: means that you're a genius (less than 2% of the world population).
120 to 139: means you're far above average (approximately 10% of the population).
110 to 119: means you're above average (approximately 15% of the population).
95 to 109: means you're average (approximately 50% of the population).
80 to 94: means you're below average (approximately 20% of the population).
Less than 80: honestly it means you're far below average (approximately 3% of the population), don't panic if you're in this category, a recent study showed that people can increase their IQ level to more than 35%, which means that if your IQ is between 80 to 94 (below average), it can change to 110 to 119 (above average) just with training and methods that are considered IQ boosters. You might be the smartest person in the world and you may not even know it, because most of people don't know their actual IQ.